The Founder

Meet the founder, Denise Hampton. While working as a correctional officer in Florida, I wanted to offer more to the correctional experience for officers, inmates, and the agency.  When this idea was birth in me, I had been a certified correctional officer for over 10 years; understanding completely the many roles, tasks, and responsibilities placed upon officers, and the agency.  Each day going to work, I wondered how I could help improve not only the work experience of our officers, but their life experiences.With the drive to understand what makes some businesses successful, others not as successful, I would speak to business owners about their business; asking questions like, what made them want to become business owners, what is the drive behind their purposes, what are the skill sets required for their success, what practices do they have in place to line them with success, etc.Having the knowledge that our correctional facilities, and small businesses are faced with high turnover rates, officers, and employees job dissatisfaction; there is an immediate need for help.  I went on to pursue my bachelor degree in psychology, and master degree in industrial organizational psychology to help me bridge the human mind & business success.Beyond Hired was birth, driven by success, passion, and the desire to see others succeed in their personal and professional life!  At Beyond Hired, we offer specialized consulting services that not only fostered business growth, and employee work-place satisfaction.  But also emphasizing the wellness and mental health of those working in high-stress environments, like correctional facilities, and some small businesses.

Our mission is to drive growth and efficiency, anchored by our core values of integrity, innovation, and excellence.

our mission

Our founder’s approach was both organic and strategic. Denise began with a deep dive into people skills, employee growth, business operations and sustainability, and market positioning. Through a series of workshops and analytics-driven assessments, the underlying challenges that hindered growth were uncovered. But more importantly, untapped opportunities and areas for innovation were discovered. The consultants and wellness experts at Beyond Hired crafted a specialized growth strategy that aligns with people & business success, capabilities, and growth. Market entry strategies, streamlined operational processes, and implemented a dynamic innovation framework to foster continuous success. Beyond Hired also facilitated partnerships that expanded the business ecosystem, enhancing value proposition and market reach.


Integrity at Beyond Hired means combining resources and teams in a transparent and ethical manner, ensuring that every action aligns with our moral principles and commitment to fairness.


We view innovation as a dynamic process, encouraging the adoption of novel ideas and technologies that drive transformative change, keeping us at the forefront of our industry.


Our approach to excellence focuses on achieving superior results, striving for the highest standards in quality, performance, and outcome in every business endeavor.

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